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This is a provisional roadmap for what we'd like to do in the coming releases.

  • Split the ignite CLI into a client-server model (using e.g. gRPC)
  • The CLI should only be a thin wrapper that talks to ignited
  • With this ignite can be run without root
  • ignited will be run with root privileges, or in a container with capabilities specifically set
  • Provide deb/rpm packages for an easier installation
  • Add Virtual Kubelet support to ignited
  • ignited will register as a Virtual Kubelet in the target Kubernetes cluster
  • The VM API type will be register as a CustomResourceDefinition
  • Use device-mapper Thin Provisioning for layering image -> kernel -> resize -> writable overlay
  • We might be able to utilize/vendor in containerd's devicemapper snapshotter
  • Define what's in and out of scope for Ignite clearly, e.g.
  • Supporting to restart VMs or not
  • Supporting multiple network interfaces or not
  • Create one architecture diagram more and a design document
  • Parallelized internal architecture for better performance
  • Generate OpenAPI documentation and specifications
  • Add support for CSI volumes