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Released: 30/08/2019

Welcome to the v0.6.0 release, consisting of major underlying improvements, and a more efficient runtime.

This release consists of 25 noteworthy PRs from 4 contributors; although v0.5.0 was released just two weeks ago! We had 5 contributions from 2 external contributors, thanks!

The main themes of this release has been:

  • containerd is now used as the default container runtime for higher security and speed, and less resource usage
  • This means that Ignite doesn't depend on docker anymore!
  • CNI is now the default networking plugin; by default the bridge and portmap plugins are used
  • You can still use your third-party CNI implementation of choice, see the networking doc
  • GitOps Toolkit refactor is complete; now everything you need to create your Git-backed application is available at
  • Ignite is using this toolkit internally to perform its GitOps capabilities, now you can easily use this functionality, too!
  • Bugfixes and usability improvements all around the place

Also, our documentation is now available at Check that site out whenever you need some information, or open an issue :)


  • As per v0.5.0, the v1alpha2 API version is the default. Going forward, the v1alpha1 API version is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release.

New Features

  • Make containerd the default runtime and CNI the default network plugin (#371, @twelho)
  • Implement the containerd runtime for Ignite (#337, @twelho)
  • Add a default CNI bridge and portmap network for Ignite (#370, @twelho)
  • Implement hostPort support with CNI (#375, @luxas)
  • Add openSUSE images (#357, @aojea)


  • Implement cleanup of CNI networks using the default bridge (#376, @luxas)
  • containerd backend improvements (#368, @twelho)
  • Implement runtime selection, only load necessary providers (#366, @twelho)
  • Split packages so we can extract gitops-toolkit (#347, @luxas)
  • Switch to using weaveworks/gitops-toolkit (#359, @luxas)
  • Switch imports to utilize gitops-toolkit (#354, @luxas)
  • Simplify the CNI code by vendoring (#349, @luxas)
  • FileWatcher: Support internal moves without re-creating and multiple active moves at once (#341, @twelho)
  • Fix GOHOSTARCH propagation, tag development image for the host architecture only (#340, @twelho)
  • Fix ignite-spawn's formatting when performing cleanup on VM metadata (#336, @twelho)
  • Automatically optimize the size of an imported image (#335, @twelho)
  • Add shell autocompletion for ignited (#363, @silenceshell)

Bug Fixes

  • Add err as a param for log.Errorf (#367, @silenceshell)
  • Fix an issue in the GitDirectory loop when trying to commit without any actual changes (#369, @silenceshell)
  • GitOps: only change the VM state if it differs from the current one (#374, @twelho)
  • Move VM network removal to logically correct place (#373, @twelho)
  • Fix Docker client port mappings by actually exposing them after binding (#350, @twelho)


  • Update the docs for v0.6.0 (#378, @luxas)
  • Docs: Bump latest Ignite version to v0.5.1 (#362, @silenceshell)
  • Change Read the Docs links to point to the stable branch in main README (#338, @twelho)