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Released: 13/08/2019

This release consists of 54 noteworthy PRs from 12 contributors. We had 14 contributions from 8 external contributors, thanks!

The main themes of this release has been:

  • Persistent Storage: Block Device support added as the first external volume type
  • Improved API: We're continuously improving the API; this release contains (still backwards-compatible with v1alpha1)
  • Read-write GitOps: In GitOps mode, Ignite now also pushes the actual state in .status back to the repo
  • Refactoring towards a client-server model: We're now shipping ignited that holds the reconciling GitOps and Manifest Directory modes
  • Multi-platform: We're now shipping ARM 64-bit binaries that you can use on e.g. Packet (and eventually, Raspberry Pi 4!)

Also, our documentation is now available at Check that site out whenever you need some information, or open an issue :)

New Features

API Changes

  • Remove; use a global --network-plugin flag instead (#319, @luxas)
  • Rename .spec.image.ociClaim.ref to .spec.image.oci for simplicity (#311, @twelho)
  • Redesign OCI image status: Display the image's exact repository digest (#307, @twelho)
  • Add the VM container's ID (#294, @twelho)
  • Support configuring BindAddress and Protocol for a PortMapping (#299, @twelho)
  • Add vm.status.startTime to track the VM's uptime externally (#296, @twelho)
  • Replace vm.status.state with vm.status.running (#292, @twelho)
  • Add the initial v1alpha2 API types (#250, @twelho)


  • Refactor: Use the netlink library instead of exec'ing out to ip (#279, @alexeldeib)
  • Improve the CNI implementation, and documentation (#308, @luxas)
  • Enable testing in CI, fix the Makefile and tidy (#280, @luxas)
  • Automatically generate the release notes (#283, @luxas)
  • Structured logging across the application; add logging support to ignite-spawn (#247, @twelho)
  • Extract watcher, batcher and monitor into pkg/util (#245, @luxas)
  • Robust recursive FileWatcher support using notify (#265, @twelho)
  • Document developer meetings (#272, @dholbach)
  • Create/use a runtime interface instead of direct calls to Docker (#211, @twelho)
  • Add structured validation for the API types (#216, @luxas)
  • Add Strategic Merge Patch support to the storage (#225, @luxas)
  • Improve vulnerability scanning of Docker image (#239, @DieterReuter)
  • CNI networking cleanup support, Docker client robustness improvements (#111, @twelho)
  • Support checksum-based Cache invalidation, improve cache's object handling (#227, @twelho)
  • Rename GitStorage into ManifestStorage (#226, @luxas)
  • Client and Storage rework: Recognize multiple API groups (#221, @luxas)
  • Create internal API types, and use them (#215, @luxas)

Bug Fixes