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Ignite vm ps

ignite vm ps

List running VMs


List all running VMs. By specifying the all flag (-a, --all), also list VMs that are not currently running. Using the -f (--filter) flag, you can give conditions VMs should fullfilled to be displayed. You can filter on all the underlying fields of the VM struct, see the documentation:

Different operators can be used: - "=" and "==" for the equal - "!=" for the is not equal - "=~" for the contains - "!~" for the not contains

Non-exhaustive list of identifiers to apply filter on: - the VM name - CPUs usage - Labels - Image - Kernel - Memory

Example usage: $ ignite ps -f "{{.ObjectMeta.Name}}=my-vm2,{{.Spec.CPUs}}!=3,{{.Spec.Image.OCI}}=~weaveworks/ignite-ubuntu"

$ ignite ps -f "{{.Spec.Memory}}=~1024,{{.Status.Running}}=true"
ignite vm ps [flags]


  -a, --all               Show all VMs, not just running ones
  -f, --filter string     Filter the VMs
  -h, --help              help for ps
  -t, --template string   Format the output using the given Go template

Options inherited from parent commands

      --log-level loglevel      Specify the loglevel for the program (default info)
      --network-plugin plugin   Network plugin to use. Available options are: [cni docker-bridge] (default cni)
  -q, --quiet                   The quiet mode allows for machine-parsable output by printing only IDs
      --runtime runtime         Container runtime to use. Available options are: [docker containerd] (default containerd)