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Ignite vm start

ignite vm start

Start a VM


Start the given VM. The VM is matched by prefix based on its ID and name. If the interactive flag (-i, --interactive) is specified, attach to the VM after starting.

ignite vm start <vm> [flags]


  -d, --debug                             Debug mode, keep container after VM shutdown
  -h, --help                              help for start
      --ignore-preflight-checks strings   A list of checks whose errors will be shown as warnings. Example: 'BinaryInPath,Port,ExistingFile'. Value 'all' ignores errors from all checks.
  -i, --interactive                       Attach to the VM after starting

Options inherited from parent commands

      --log-level loglevel      Specify the loglevel for the program (default info)
      --network-plugin plugin   Network plugin to use. Available options are: [cni docker-bridge] (default cni)
  -q, --quiet                   The quiet mode allows for machine-parsable output by printing only IDs
      --runtime runtime         Container runtime to use. Available options are: [docker containerd] (default containerd)