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Released: 02/10/2019

We're excited to release v0.6.1 with usability improvements and lots of bug fixes :)

This release consists of 32 noteworthy PRs from 6 contributors over the past month.
We had 7 contributions from 4 external contributors. Thanks so much!

Ignite should now work with most installations of containerd -- even those that are installed underneath upstream docker.
Care has been taken with our installation instructions to ensure we are not breaking users docker installations.
We've also implemented a graceful fallback to older containerd-shim versions and now support containerd-shim-runc-v2.

This release also contains numerous fixes that make the CNI network plugin work much more reliably.
Connections to the internet from vm's using CNI should now work on most machines by default.
Please see the following user-facing change.

Default CNI Network Change

The default cni0 bridge has changed to a new ignite0 bridge introduced by the #460 bugfix. This comes with a new subnet as well.
We did this because the default CNI config shipped in v0.6.0 was a non-working configuration for most users.
You may continue to use the default CNI configuration. Nothing will change automatically.

If you are using your own CNI configuration, this does not affect you.

To migrate your running CNI networked vm's to the new default subnet, you can: 1. install this new ignite version 2. stop the relevant vm's 3. delete the CNI network 4. restart them


# first, upgrade to ignite v0.6.1

# list all vm's on the default CNI network
sudo bin/ignite vm ls | grep '\b172.18.[0-9][0-9]*.[0-9][0-9]*\b'
# stop the listed vm's with the appropriate runtime
sudo bin/ignite my-containerd-vm
sudo bin/ignite my-docker-vm --runtime docker

# remove the old CNI network config
sudo rm -rf rm /etc/cni/net.d/
# optional: remove the old bridge
sudo ifconfig cni0 down
sudo ip link delete cni0

# restart your vm's
sudo bin/ignite my-containerd-vm
sudo bin/ignite my-docker-vm --runtime docker
# Your vm's will now have addresses configured in the subnet.
# If they did not have internet connectivity before, they now should.


Bug Fixes

  • Change default CNI network name, bridge name, and subnet #460, @stealthybox
  • Chain firewall plugin to fix routing for default CNI bridge #442, @stealthybox
  • Teardown IPMasq rules for all actual configured bridges instead of using the hardcoded default string (#461, @stealthybox)
  • Fix containerd resolv.conf + DHCP behavior (#441, @stealthybox)
  • Make getIPChains more precise and less failure-prone (#426, @stealthybox)
  • quick fix typo umount as unmount in preflight check (#415, @chanwit)
  • fix possible dm snapshot leaks (#381, @chanwit)
  • make rm command more robust with addition check (#413, @chanwit)