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Major release with significant UX and internal improvements:

  • There is no longer a difference between an Ignite image and an OCI image, this is now the same thing.
    • Ignite operates on OCI images directly, for both OS images and kernels. The kernel is expected to be coupled with the image given to ignite run, in /boot/vmlinux.
  • It is now possible to do ignite run [OCI image] directly, and everything (e.g. pulling the image) is handled automatically. e.g. ignite run -i weaveworks/ignite-ubuntu.
  • Now ignite images shows OCI images that are cached and ready to use, and ignite kernels the kernels already imported from base images.
  • Added an example usage guide for running a Kubernetes cluster in HA mode using kubeadm and Ignite.
  • Removed ignite build, and ignite image/kernel import; as these are no longer needed
  • Importing an image from a tROADMAPar file is no longer possible, package the contents in an OCI image instead
  • Added a new command ignite ssh [vm] and flag: ignite run --ssh. This allows for automatic SSH logins.
  • Now Ignite logs user-friendly messages by default. To get machine-readable output, use the --quiet flag.
  • Ignite now requires the user to be root. This will be revisited later, when the architecture has changed.
  • The command outputs and structure is now more user-friendly.
  • Fixed several bugs both under the hood, and user-affecting ones