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V0.5.0 alpha.1


Released: 06/08/2019

This is the first prerelease in the v0.5.x series. Please try it out, and also note we now have arm64 builds!

New Features

API Changes


  • Automatically generate the release notes (#283, @luxas)
  • Structured logging across the application; add logging support to ignite-spawn (#247, @twelho)
  • Extract watcher, batcher and monitor into pkg/util (#245, @luxas)
  • Robust recursive FileWatcher support using notify (#265, @twelho)
  • Document developer meetings (#272, @dholbach)
  • Enable testing in CI, fix the Makefile and tidy (#280, @luxas)
  • Create/use a runtime interface instead of direct calls to Docker (#211, @twelho)
  • Add structured validation for the API types (#216, @luxas)
  • Add Strategic Merge Patch support to the storage (#225, @luxas)
  • Improve vulnerability scanning of Docker image (#239, @DieterReuter)
  • CNI networking cleanup support, Docker client robustness improvements (#111, @twelho)
  • Support checksum-based Cache invalidation, improve cache's object handling (#227, @twelho)
  • Rename GitStorage into ManifestStorage (#226, @luxas)
  • Client and Storage rework: Recognize multiple API groups (#221, @luxas)
  • Create internal API types, and use them (#215, @luxas)

Bug Fixes