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V0.5.0 rc.1


Released: 12/08/2019

This is the first release candidate for v0.5.0. We hope to release v0.5.0 very shortly.

New Features

  • Support external volumes (block devices) in Ignite VMs (#275, @twelho)

API Changes

  • Remove; use a global --network-plugin flag instead (#319, @luxas)
  • Rename .spec.image.ociClaim.ref to .spec.image.oci for simplicity (#311, @twelho)
  • Redesign OCI image status: Display the image's exact repository digest (#307, @twelho)
  • Add the VM container's ID (#294, @twelho)
  • Support configuring BindAddress and Protocol for a PortMapping (#299, @twelho)
  • Add vm.status.startTime to track the VM's uptime externally (#296, @twelho)
  • Replace vm.status.state with vm.status.running (#292, @twelho)


  • Refactor: Use the netlink library instead of exec'ing out to ip (#279, @alexeldeib)
  • Improve the CNI implementation, and documentation (#308, @luxas)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix ignite rm -f for a running VM without --debug (#320, @twelho)