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Requirements and dependencies

Virtualization features

Firecracker by design only supports emulating 4 devices:

  • virtio-block
  • virtio-net
  • a serial console
  • a 1-button keyboard used only to stop the microVM (invoked with reboot)

Everything apart from above, is not supported, and out of scope.

Host Requirements

  • A host running Linux 4.14 or newer
  • sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
  • loaded kernel loop module:
  • If your kernel loads the loop module - modprobe -v loop
  • If the loop module is built in - grep 'loop' /lib/modules/uname -r/modules.builtin
  • Optional: sysctl net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-iptables=0
  • set to 0 to ignore Host iptables rules for bridges
  • set to 1 to apply Host iptables rules to bridges (common with container network policies)
  • requires kernel module br_netfilter
  • libvirt reference
  • One of the following CPUs:
CPU Architecture Support level Notes
Intel x86_64 Complete Requires VT-x, most non-Atom 64-bit Intel CPUs since Pentium 4 should be supported
AMD x86_64 Alpha Requires AMD-V, most AMD CPUs since the Athlon 64 "Orleans" should be supported
ARM AArch64 (64-bit) Alpha Requires GICv3, see here

Guest Requirements

  • A Linux kernel 4.14 or newer
  • Kernel config:
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK=y (mandatory)
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_NET=y (mandatory)
  • CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD=y (optional but recommended)
  • CONFIG_SERIO_I8042=y (optional but recommended)

Ignite on-host dependencies

Ignite shells out to a few dependencies on the host. With time, we aim to eliminate as many of these as possible.

Container Runtime

  • containerd for managing the containers Ignite uses (default, preferred)
  • Ubuntu package: containerd
  • CentOS package:
    • From docker's repositories: yum-config-manager --add-repo
  • docker for managing the containers Ignite uses (also installs containerd automatically)
  • Ubuntu package:
  • CentOS package: docker

CNI plugins

export CNI_VERSION=v0.8.5
export ARCH=$([ $(uname -m) = "x86_64" ] && echo amd64 || echo arm64)
curl -sSL${CNI_VERSION}/cni-plugins-linux-${ARCH}-${CNI_VERSION}.tgz | tar -xz -C /opt/cni/bin

Other Binaries

  • mount & umount for mounting and unmounting block devices
  • Ubuntu package: mount (installed by default)
  • CentOS package: util-linux (installed by default)
  • tar for extracting files from the docker image onto the filesystem
  • Ubuntu package: tar (installed by default)
  • CentOS package: tar (installed by default)
  • mkfs.ext4 for formatting a block device with a ext4 filesystem
  • Ubuntu package: e2fsprogs (installed by default)
  • CentOS package: e2fsprogs
  • e2fsck & resize2fs for cleaning and resizing the ext4 filesystems
  • Ubuntu package: e2fsprogs (installed by default)
  • CentOS package: e2fsprogs
  • strings for detecting the kernel version
  • Ubuntu package: binutils
  • CentOS package: binutils (installed by default)
  • dmsetup for managing device mapper snapshots and overlays
  • Ubuntu package: dmsetup
  • CentOS package: device-mapper (installed by default)
  • ssh for SSH-ing into the VM (optional, for ignite ssh only)
  • Ubuntu package: openssh-client
  • CentOS package: openssh-clients
  • git for the GitOps mode of Ignite (optional, for ignite gitops only)
  • Ubuntu package: git
  • CentOS package: git