ignite: easily run Firecracker VMs


Ignite is a containerized Firecracker microVM administration tool. It can build VM images, spin VMs up/down and manage multiple VMs efficiently.

Administration is divided into three subcommands: image Manage base images for VMs kernel Manage VM kernels vm Manage VMs

Ignite also supports the same commands as the Docker CLI. Combining an Image and a Kernel gives you a runnable VM.

Example usage:

$ ignite run weaveworks/ignite-ubuntu \
	--cpus 2 \
	--memory 2GB \
	--ssh \
	--name my-vm
$ ignite images
$ ignite kernels
$ ignite ps
$ ignite logs my-vm
$ ignite ssh my-vm


  -h, --help                    help for ignite
      --log-level loglevel      Specify the loglevel for the program (default info)
      --network-plugin plugin   Network plugin to use. Available options are: [cni docker-bridge] (default cni)
  -q, --quiet                   The quiet mode allows for machine-parsable output by printing only IDs
      --runtime runtime         Container runtime to use. Available options are: [docker containerd] (default containerd)