Major release with significant improvements

  • Ignite is now using devicemapper under the hood, for overlay snapshots for filesystem writes, allowing for image reuse, efficient use of space and way faster builds!

  • Added sample Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7 OS images & a 4.19 kernel build

  • Automatic network configuration, now the OS image doesn’t need to enable DHCP, as that is done in the kernel

  • Automatically populate /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf, too

  • Add an option to bind a port exposed by the VM to a host port (ignite run -p 80:80)

  • Add an option for modifying the kernel command line (ignite run --kernel-args)

  • Add an option to copy files from the host into the VM (ignite run --copy-files)

  • Add an option to specify the amount of cores, RAM, and overlay size (ignite run --cpus 2 --memory 1024 --size 4GB)

  • Removed the need for the Ignite container to run with --privileged

  • Allow for force-deletions of images, kernels and vms.

  • Added documentation.

  • Moved repo from luxas/ignite to weaveworks/ignite