The first patch release for the v0.4.x release stream. If you want to go and look at the new and changed stuff in v0.4.0, see here.

This release, we had an amazing amount of 9 PRs from 6 community contributors, in 48 hours after launch :tada:! We hope to see this trend continue, all help is very welcome to this community-driven project!

New Features / UX Improvements

  • It is now possible to access and talk to the Firecracker socket, and metrics/logs FIFOs. (#132, @patrobinson)

  • Verify that the VM actually did start before ignite start/run reports success (#139, @twelho)

  • Provide better UX and error messages for the ignite ssh command (#149, @twelho)


  • Set the -F flag to mkfs.ext4, as it is required on RHEL platforms. (#131, @junaid18183)

  • Generate RSA keys instead of ED25519 on FIPS machines. (#136, @junaid18183)

  • Make the filtering framework respect exact matches (#138, @twelho)

  • Don’t fail although there are inactive network interfaces in the container (#146, @luxas)

Docs improvements

Trying it out / Next Steps!

In short:

export VERSION=v0.4.1
curl -fLo ignite https://github.com/weaveworks/ignite/releases/download/${VERSION}/ignite
chmod +x ignite
sudo mv ignite /usr/local/bin

A more throughout installation guide is available here: https://github.com/weaveworks/ignite/blob/master/docs/installation.md